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Sell Your Caravan

A part of our services is the sale of used caravans and therefore, we accept old motorhomes and RVs from the public for resale. The process is quite similar to the sale process and requires no tedious work. However, we have established guidelines for the acceptance of used cars based on our standards of quality. If you plan to trade your old or used caravan, we would require certain information such as the type of brand, model, and year of manufacture, Berth’s information, postcode, and seller’s details.

We consider certain factors in the acceptance of new or used caravans for sale.


Price is a core feature that needs to be considered in business. The higher the quality of products, the higher the price. Nonetheless, there are less expensive motorhomes with outstanding quality. Prices vary based on brand type, design, and model of the product.

Market Value

It is an essential factor for the sale of used cars. We consider the value of your caravan in the market. Depending on the type, size, and design, most motorhomes retain their value for a more extended period. The value also depends on the year of manufacture and how well the parts are used.

In some cases, customers take their caravans for redesign or repairs to increase their value.

Ease of Sale

Would the sale of such a motorhome take a longer time? The price and market value of the caravan will influence its ease of purchase.

We have a categorized team for sourcing cars from the public, and they perform the following services.

Product Valuation

The team assists you in determining your RV’s value based on the overall market value. We are very honest and transparent in our dealings, and thus, we make proper and accurate calculations.

We offer all sorts of benefits from time to time, which makes us one of the best in the Australian industry.


Apart from offline transactions, we provide access to our stock which is constantly updated timely. We also engage in affiliate marketing to enable us to reach a wider audience. Therefore, when we accept your caravan, we enlist it among our list of new or used caravans.

Investigation and Examination

We prioritize our customers’ interests and do not compromise our quality standards. Hence, we conduct thorough research on the title and examine the parts for determining whether it is fit for purpose.


Business is about signing contracts. Hence, we enter into a contract of sale with you when we agree to buy your caravan. It involves different stages, from the negotiation stage to the conclusion of the contract and delivery of the product.

It often includes legal paper works for the appropriate transfer of title or proprietary rights and interests.

Why you should choose us

The benefits of selling your motorhomes at Vegas915 include:

  • No deposit or commission

There is no compulsory payment required for accepting to buy your caravan or RV.

  • No consultation or advertisement fee

We do not take extra charges for advertisement or consultation, so they are free. We buy from you and sell to our clients.

  • Huge Customers base

It is easier to find a buyer with us. Instead of going on a frivolous expedition of self-sale, contacting us makes your work easier. There is a high probability that your caravan is in demand because of our vast network of customers’ base that prefers used caravans to new ones.

Contact us today for the best offers!