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JB Caravans

JB Caravans is an Australian company that manufactures all parts of a caravan.  Caravans are also known as travel trailers. It was established in 2010, and it does all of its manufacturing in the Campbell field.

JB Caravans take pride in creating the dream caravan with the envisioned features of prospective caravan buyers. And this gives them the uniqueness of producing high-quality build while maintaining their affordable prices. JB Caravans have reached this level of success and achievement by consistently improving their build process and keeping up with modern construction methods.

JB Caravans is seen as the best value for Caravan manufacturers because of their very efficient and experienced workforce in whom they are very proud. They take pride in providing excellent and skilled artistry that has many years of experience manufacturing caravans.

The JB Chassis Factory provides a second to none quality build. The flow-through process ensures that every piece of the caravan is assembled in a way that maintains rigid quality control.  At the close of every production stage, JB Caravans has quality control procedures that ensure that the customers have rest of mind using their Caravans. JB Caravan also has an online parts store where quality parts are sold.

Everything about JB Caravans shouts quality, and this shows clearly in their range of products. Each of their products speaks to strength, luxury, and comfort.  These are some of their products.

JB Gator

Want more adventures? This trailer is the caravan for you. This caravan has tough skin, as its name implies.  It is complemented by the soft luxurious interior to chill in. It has very cool features like modern finishing, high-grade appliances, a mini washer, and exclusive colour choices.  It is everything needed for the next step in your caravanning life.

Dirt Roader

You want to leave the city but don’t want to go entirely into the jungle?  The dirt roader is the best.  It is for those who wish to some semi-off-road adventure.  With a skin that tackles light corrugation easily, the dirt roader offers that bit of comfort and ruggedness that everyone wants. It has a high-quality finish, a durable exterior, and is wrapped up in superb craftsmanship, giving the adventurer the trip of their lifetime.


The JB Dreamline is a caravan that is a perfect mixture of luxury and family comfort and is regarded as the best JB product for family trips and tours. The Dreamline boosts various stunning high-quality features that give it that high standard finish. It provides luxury and comfort without the price tag.


Scorpion is a JB product for explorers built for dirt roads and a progression from the dirt roader. This caravan takes you entirely away from bitumen roads. With its rugged construction, ALKO suspension, and 16 off-road tyres, the JB scorpion is the best for explorers. Its high-quality interior provides the needed comfort.