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Avida is a family-owned Australian-based RV manufacturing company. Avida started making RVs in 1965 in Western Sydney. With this massive 50 years’ experience, Avida is the number one manufacturer of RVs in Australia.

In 1965, Avida was going by the Freeway Camper Company formed by Bruce Binns and his wife, Ruth. The Freeway Camper Company introduced the first Freeway slide camper to Australia, and it went on to manufacture motorhomes, caravans, and fifth-wheelers.

In 1978, Freeway Camper Company changed its name to Winnebago Industries. In 1988, the company moved out of western Sydney and started manufacturing motorhomes in four different factories.

In 2013, Winnebago Industries changed its name to Avida, which comes from the word ‘Avid,’ which means “being passionate.” This name shows the attitude of their workers towards the making of these RVs. Avida staff is no doubt passionate about their products and customers. Currently, Avida has 250 committed workers and produces over 600 RVs per year with dealers all over Australia and New Zealand.

Decades of milestones away from the humble beginnings, Avida has grown to be Australia’s largest manufacturer of motorhomes. The family still runs Avida to secure the legacy of passion and efficiency.

Avida has the vision to create a vehicle that fulfills their customer’s dream lifestyle. Avida is dedicated to making high-quality, efficiently designed, and sleek-styled recreational vehicles at the best value on the market.

These are some of the best products from Avida.

Avida Escape Campervan

The Avida Escape Campervan is one of the unique campervans in the market. Its special features include a lounge in the back that also doubles as two single beds, and with the touch of a button, there is an electric roll-down bed that comes from the ceiling. The Escape Campervan is the best for a weekend getaway or working outdoors away from home. It is sleek and stylish and can fit in an average family garage.

Avida Silverton Motorhome

The Avida Silverton is a vehicle that is all about stylish elegance coupled with safety. It is built on a Mercedes sprinter chassis and has a lot of safety features incorporated. Its comfortable cabin leather seat and ample livable space allow the users to travel in style. It is the best motorhome for extended or permanent stays on the road.

Avida Longreach Motorhome

Avida made the Longreach motorhome with the mind of creating a permanent home away from home for many travelers. The Avida Longreach motorhome gives the buyers the luxury of having the comfort and safety of the house close to hand. It is built on the rugged Isuzu premium chassis.  This motorhome spells out luxury with its features like the twin slide-out rooms, air conditioning, diesel heating, generators, smart TV, large bed, gourmet kitchen, two large storage tanks, and a separate toilet and shower.

Avida Topaz Caravan

The Avida Topaz Caravan is called the caravan without a peer because it offers comfort and exceptional standard features. Its contemporary super gloss finish gives it a luxurious and modern look. Its features include a well-equipped kitchen, a large bathroom with a shower, toilet, vanity, and ample storage space.  Overall, it is the most suitable for multi-terrain touring.