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For all your needs concerning travel trailers, motorhomes, and other RVs, Vega 915 caravan Adventures provides a wide range of solutions.

We are the number one dealer for all kinds of motorhomes and RVs. Based on long-term commitment and expertise, we provide you various RV options that suit your choice perfectly. We offer outstanding RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers.

With Vega 915, shopping is made easy from any part of the country. Our extensive database of positive reviews is testimony that we deliver exemplary services with great speed. We are very much available, and you can reach us via mail or the contact form provided on our contact page. As always, we put your interests first and therefore; you can be confident of our products.

We keep online records of available motorhomes and RVs of different brands and models and are constantly updated. Whether new or used Motorhomes, we sell quality machines. In this view, we source products from other brands, companies, and individuals to expand our product directory and satisfy various customers’ needs.

Our prices are pretty competitive and very affordable. Also, we provide a detailed description of each product to allow you to make a good choice for yourself. Kindly subscribe to our mail newsletters for constant new product alerts. 

Some of our products include:

Jay Feather Micro

The Jay Feather Micro is the lightest travel trailer. It comes with all the camping essentials and weighs less than 4750 lbs. it comes with a rounded front profile and nerf bars on each side. It also has an outdoor kitchen with a countertop and convenient spots for dishes and utensils. It is also fascinating in the comfort department, with choices between vintage washed gray or modern farmhouse interior design.


The JB Dreamline is a caravan that is a perfect mixture of luxury and family comfort and is the best JB product for family trips and tours. The Dreamline boosts various stunning high-quality features that give it that high standard finish. It provides luxury and comfort without the price tag.


It is a JB product for explorers, built for dirt roads and a progression from the dirt road. This caravan takes you entirely away from bitumen roads. With its rugged construction, ALKO suspension, and 16 off-road tyre, the JB scorpion is the best for explorers. Its high-quality interior provides the needed comfort.

OZ Classic

The New age OZ classic collection is one of the most luxurious caravans to travel in. It is very spacious, which gives a roomy and stunning interior. The OZ Classic also contains a spacious and fully equipped kitchen, a queen-sized bed, dining, an ensuite, a TV unit, and storage. With all these features, it’s a little wonder that it is an award-winning caravan.

Desert Rose

For explorers, New Age Caravans made the desert rose range. It is the ultimate explorers’ caravan. The desert rose is undoubtedly a favourite for those embarking on rougher and longer adventures. Its wide range of features makes up for the ruggedness wanted and the comfort needed. It makes you enjoy your experience in a comfortable way.

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