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New Age Caravans

New Age Caravans is an Australian Caravan manufacturing company. New age Caravans didn’t start like that; they began as New Age Frames & Designs in 2004. Then it was into providing structural framing and other many parts of CNCs. New Age Frames and Designs were subcontracted by many caravan manufacturing companies in Campbell field, the Caravan manufacturing hub in Australia.

In 2008, after supplying the Caravan industry for four years, the new age decided to utilize their skilled workforce and start manufacturing caravans too. With this decision, New Age Caravans was born. In 2009, they manufactured 5 Caravans a week. Now, New Age Caravans makes 2000 Caravans a week. In 2019, New Age Caravans was purchased by Walkinshaw Automotive group.

New Age Caravans is known for being a revolution in the caravan industry in Australia. The company shifted the interiors of the caravan from the usual wooden and rustic design to a modern apartment-style aesthetic. Their commitment to research in improving their modern contemporary fleets is responsible for their success.

 Their acquisition by Walkinshaw introduced them to a whole new level of innovations resulting from Walkinshaw’s automotive expertise in manufacturing and design. New Age now has exclusive access to intel and technology that no other manufacturer has with the Walkinshaw influence. They have a seven-post rig for rough durability testing, a clay modeling studio, and unlimited access to Walkinshaw’s proving ground for rough track testing.

The inspiration and influence from Walkinshaw are apparent in their new products. These products are created with the Walkinshaw influence but still having unique design aesthetics peculiar to New Age Caravans. Some of their products are:

Big Red

Do you want to travel in style?  The Big Red Range by New Age is the best for you. It has many new and luxurious features like the soft LED lights, a full internal ensuite, double door fridge, a family-style kitchen, washing machine, solar panels, and external speakers. Traveling in luxury has never been more accessible with its bunk layout and club lounges.

Desert Rose

For explorers, New Age Caravans made the desert rose range. It is the ultimate explorers’ caravan. The desert rose is undoubtedly a favourite for those embarking on rougher and longer adventures. Its wide range of features makes up for the ruggedness wanted and the comfort needed. It makes you enjoy your experience in a comfortable way.

OZ Classic

The New age OZ classic collection is one of the most luxurious caravans to travel in. It is very spacious, which gives a roomy and stunning interior. The OZ Classic also contains a spacious and fully equipped kitchen, a queen-sized bed, a dining, an ensuite, TV unit, and storage. With all these features, it’s a little wonder that it is an award-winning caravan.

Manta Ray

For family trips, the manta ray by New Age Caravan is the best. New Age has spent years improving it to make it the most comfortable caravan. This modern range is designed to offer all the space you need. It is suitable for families and couples. It has features like an ensuite with a shower and toilet, an equipped kitchen, and a comfortable interior.