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Vega915 is a renowned company

Vega915 is a renowned company that deals with selling and purchasing all types of motorhomes, caravan, and RVs. At Vega915, you are confident of finding different caravan brands such as Supreme, Avida, Jayco, etc.

We are one of the leading dealers for all kinds of travel trailers and motorhomes. Based on long-term practice and expertise, we offer you various caravan options from which you can choose your preference. We offer outstanding RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers.

With Vega 915, shopping is made easy from any part of the country. Our extensive database of positive reviews is testimony that we deliver exemplary services with great speed. We are very much available, and you can reach us via mail or the contact form provided on our contact page. As always, we put your interests first. Therefore, you can be confident of our products.

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For all your needs concerning travel trailers, motorhomes, and other RVs, Vega 915 caravan Adventures provides a wide range of solutions.

We are the number one dealer for all kinds of motorhomes and RVs. Based on long-term commitment and expertise, we provide you various RV options that suit your choice perfectly. We offer outstanding RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers.

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A part of our services is the sale of used caravans and therefore, we accept old motorhomes and RVs from the public for resale. The process is quite similar to the sale process and requires no tedious work. However, we have established guidelines for the acceptance of used cars based on our standards of quality.


Vega915 sources products from various brands such as Supreme, Avida, Jayco etc.

New Motorhomes

Are you looking for an extensive range of motorhomes in different sizes, shapes, and structures? The prestigious new models of motorhomes are voluminous and superficial in elements of their details. New motorhomes consist of adaptable features that are flexible arrangements for a feeling of an ordinary home experience.

Used Motorhomes

You can view a vast range of used motorhomes in varying prices, structures, layout, and sizes. Getting a used motorhome that is secured against constant inadequacies and mechanical problems can be pretty daunting. Stop worrying, and lets us take you through the field of getting suitably used motorhomes that are best fit your needs and economical to purchase. Start with comprehensive research that narrows down to a style, model, and brand that is right for you.


Trailers are simply vehicles that cannot move on their own. That is, they are unpowered vehicles that need the help of powered cars to drive. A trailer is always towed by a powered vehicle.

Caravan Finance

It is an offer for a wide selection of options available for the choice of a caravan at favourable conditions. How does this caravan finance work? Finance, in literally terms, means providing funding for a person, which can be in the form of borrowing, investing, budgeting, saving, lending, etc.


Insurance provides covers for your assets against any form of loss or damage, accidents, or even liabilities.  When specific insurance covers a car, for example, third-party liability, all incidences and costs are borne by the insurance company. They restore the insurer to their original state by paying compensation or undertaking to pay for such liability. Compensations are paid from the premiums paid by insurers as a form of commitment.