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New Motorhomes

Are you looking for an extensive range of motorhomes in different sizes, shapes, and structures? The prestigious new models of motorhomes are voluminous and superficial in elements of their details. New motorhomes consist of adaptable features that are flexible arrangements for a feeling of an ordinary home experience. This included homely feature found in traditional homes makes new motorhomes designs perfect for an on-road home and its reference as Mobile homes. Some of the trendy designs of these automobiles are

Navian N-601 Sunliner Motorhome

Luxury meets comfort at its finest! Navian N-601 Motorhome is a luxurious self-contained compartment with added special features right from the manufacturer. It was built with a combination of intelligent designs crafted into the highest quality pieces of equipment and accessories to ensure that the on-road lifestyle is pleasant and sophisticated.

N-601 Sunliner has an adjustable bed at the rear of the Sunliner Navian. Ventilation is made a priority with its range hood windows and artificial backups like the 200w air conditioning. Informal guests were put into consideration, too, with an added feature of a bed over the cab, which is efficient sleeping space for guests or could be used as storage for bulky items.

Other standard features of Navian N-601 Sunliner includes ; ABS brake ,solar ,security lock ,toilet and shower ,gas point ,TV antenna ,slide out ,GPS ,microwave ,etc.

Habitat HA1 mixed-terrain Motorhome

 A unique brand made for luxurious away from home but with a perfect blend of comfortable homely features. It is an embodiment of a fully furnished home with a well-equipped modern kitchen with varying fittings for a fridge, microwave, and oven stand. Also, it includes an extensive large bathroom with a tub and hot running water.

Another brand is Busselton C7544SL Avida Motorhome which cost lesser to Navian N601 Sunliner and Habitat HA1 mixed-terrain in market price. But even at this price, it is more expensive than some other caravans in the market and has some unique features compared to N-601 Dubliner and Busselton C7544SL. Some of these fantastic features are a multi-door fridge, reversing camera, etc.

Other brands are the New 5th wheeler, which has an inbuilt battery of 110Ah by a 30A 240V charger with a 160w Solar regulator. This unique feature gives this vehicle a high quality and uniqueness in its power and backup system. It also has other standard features familiar to new motorhomes like microwave, oven, heater, built- in- TV, TV antenna, security lock, small gas cylinders, and voluminous bathroom, etc.

Lastly, Eyre B7662 by Avida Motorhome is the last brand in this category with awesome bathroom extensive equipment with a hot showering tub and a porcelain sink. A top-notch interior design in various room compartments is a moving cab with a nice front living and dining area. The toilet and bathroom are well separated at the rear end, and it offers the comfort of two single beds for a pleasant night’s rest. Other standard features include a tow bar, day and nightshades, security door, etc.