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Caravan Finance

It is an offer for a wide selection of options available for the choice of a caravan at favourable conditions. How does this caravan finance work? Finance, in literally terms, means providing funding for a person, which can be in the form of borrowing, investing, budgeting, saving, lending, etc. In this case of finance, a corporate body provides funds through a mortgage or fixed, regular monthly repayments, after which the owner can be yours legally.

Why should I get caravan finance?

Caravan finance is just a method of repayments of loans to purchase a caravan which is a substantial investment and a brilliant lifestyle investment.

What do we offer?

Are you dreaming of owning a caravan? We have built an unmatched panel of finance and insurance partners, giving you access to products for your needs. The common feature of this finance system is a loan. We have a flexible range of caravan finance packages to suit customer’s needs because payments are usually due monthly, and the total amount depends on how much you can afford to pay back monthly. A leisure loan is a type of low-interest personal finance made explicitly for special events such as holidays, weddings. Buying your first caravan can be pretty daunting, but we will help you structure a repayment plan that suits your preferable budget spread.

Getting a loan is an ideal way to help spread the cost leaving you to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime of stress.

How does the loan work?

  • Apply for a personal loan and shop for a vehicle with your budget in mind.
  • Agree to a loan from the registered caravan specialist paid off over time as finance according to an agreement.

Benefits of caravan finance

The most visible benefit of caravan finance is its flexible method of repayments of the loan. It is fixed that its customers know when, where, and how to pay their debt and the particular time. It is an economical purchase outlet that doesn’t cripple your financial worth and still gives room for savings accordingly to your budget plan. Also, some customers own a total package of an automobile for transportation and maybe a moving home in terms of motorhomes. Such a luxurious moving house can get you around to places of interest.

It is affordable, and you get to decide the amount you want to deposit and the number of years.

Financial options

Getting caravan finance is quite tricky with banks since the financial crash of 2009 of all banks across the world. Hence, the best way to get caravan finance is through a specialist caravan company. Customers get to choose the car of their choice from their budget while purchasing from a reputable dealer is undertaken by the caravan finance company.

This choice of a car gets to answer specific questions like the customer’s budget, choice of car (used or new), length of the loan, insurance cost, and optional extra. Then, the caravan finance company proceeds to look for a dealer after all these requirements have been met.

Caravan finance needs proof of commitment and insurance before any transaction can occur within their organization. The lender must pay an introductory commission to undertake a credit agreement and provide instruments that will back the finance. These instruments can include a payable clause, tax invoice, future incomes, etc., after looking through your application, financial history, and meeting the company’s requirements.

Financial options include hire purchase agreement (HP) and personal contract purchase (PCP)

What can be financed?

The options that can be financed are purchase, insurance, maintenance, or repairs.

Loan calculator

A loan calculator carries amongst registered caravan finance specialists. It basically calculates the amount of payment for a particular duration of time with the caravan finance company’s interests in line with your preferred plan.

You can also test different interest rates and combinations to help in an efficient understanding of how the company works. This enables customers to make safe decisions based on an appropriate plan that they might be eligible for according to the budget plan. Also, it is relevant in checking if your gathered information is efficient enough for the plan you are about to opt-in for.

Insurance policy

Customers need to remember that insurance is an integral part of a motorhome purchase. This is because, for a moving home that can be used for touring worldwide, accidents are inevitable. Misfortunes come in different forms, such as home accidents, for example, your caravan hitting another, or vice versa. Another form of accident is a home accident. Since it’s a moving house, fire accidents can occur at any moment of carelessness. Other insurance includes theft, vandalism, etc. Your insurance policy should cover all these to ensure security against all these forms of accidents.


Am I eligible for a loan?

Every customer has his or her own eligibility status; hence there is a widespread of loan plans that will be suitable to each lender’s circumstances.

Do I need a tax invoice?

Yes, a tax invoice is needed to help gather information about your financial status to value the caravan you wish to obtain.

How long can I take my loan over?

The average lifespan of a caravan is usually extended than that of regular motor vehicles. There are ranges of financial plans that extend over 5 to 7 years.

Is it hard to get any caravan finance?

Customers with a poor credit rating might find it very hard to get any kind of loan. Hence, it is harder to get caravan finance with an insufficient account. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be a plan that customers with such a rating will be eligible to subscribe to in caravan finance. All it takes is thorough research and patience.

What is the best time to start caravan finance?

The perfect time for the best bargain is usually around Christmas or New Year time. At this time of the year, there are traditionally bonuses from registered companies for purchase.

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