Vega915 Caravan Adventures


Vega915 is a renowned company that deals with selling and purchasing all types of motorhomes, caravan, and RVs. At Vega915, you are confident of finding different caravan brands such as Supreme, Avida, Jayco, etc.

We are one of the leading dealers for all kinds of travel trailers and motorhomes. Based on long-term practice and expertise, we offer you various caravan options from which you can choose your preference. We offer outstanding RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers.

With Vega 915, shopping is made easy from any part of the country. Our extensive database of positive reviews is testimony that we deliver exemplary services with great speed. We are very much available, and you can reach us via mail or the contact form provided on our contact page. As always, we put your interests first. Therefore, you can be confident of our products.

Vega915 can boast of the best unique team members who are dedicated to the progress of the company.  Our products are very accessible, and the process is made simple with our online navigation tools.

We are diligent and committed to what we do to satisfy your wants and deliver excellent quality services at the quickest speed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality motorhomes, travel trailers, and RVs for various activities across the country.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a foremost dealing firm in the distribution of caravans through adequate service provision.

Our Values

Our efficiency and good customer service are based on our signature values. These values have defined our services over the years.

  • Honesty

Honesty is one of the bedrock of success and is, in fact, the best policy. Therefore, we abide by this policy strictly and involve transparency in our day-to-day transactions. We are responsible for all contracts signed in the company’s name and according to its guidelines.

  • Good Customer Service

In all we do, our customers matter the most.  We serve your interests protectively. Hence, we don’t indulge in fraudulent activities that will compromise the quality of service and destroy the company’s goodwill.

  • Professionalism

We engage professionalism in all our trading activities and hold our members accountable for it.

Our services

We provide a wide range of services which include

  • New or Used Caravan Purchase

We deal in sales of new caravans as well as sourcing for used cars for sales.

  • Caravan Insurance

Insurance is a guard against losses or damages and accidents. We offer insurance covers on any kind of caravan or motorhomes.

  • Caravan Financing

Caravans may be in different designs and models of various brands with relative prices. Some are quite costly and require seeking financial help. We provide multiple options for caravan financing and offer convenience through various benefits attached to each form of financing.

We assist you in owning an RV without any hassle or fear of going bankrupt. Our financing options include hire purchase, trade-ins, different types of leases – operating and financing.  Although terms and conditions may apply, the repayment term is usually extended.